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Xiaomi Mi 5S Introduces New Fingerprint Technology Ahead of iPhone 8

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Despite rumors suggesting Apple’s plan of integrating a fingerprint reader in its upcoming iPhone 8, Xiaomi steals the opportunity of being the first to deploy a similar feature as they unveil their new phone model Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus on Tuesday, September 27.  Many people expect iPhone8 to include such feature as Apple will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary since its first generation of iPhone was released back in 2007.

Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus are similar when it comes to design but the Mi 5s Plus has a 5.7-inch screen which is wider than the Mi 5s as well as a bigger battery  and a dual-lens camera. The phone’s RAM varies from 4GB to 64 GB and has  128 GB of storage space. The new phone includes an ultrasonic fingerprint reader that is located just beneath the glass but not on the phone’s actual display. This makes it look sleek as it eliminates the need of additional buttons. This also paves the way to a better and much more elegant mobile design in the future.

Branded as China’s version of Apple, the mobile company’s android phones are of high quality and may be on par with Apple’s mobile devices. Dubbed as “apply of China” by some, many of their products have a lot of similarities with Apple’s phones including the naming convention, but also has its own uniqueness. Their flagship phones are packed with high-end specs that are sold at a much more affordable price. It is doubtful that they will be releasing their product in the United States  as they may face lawsuits because of its similarities to Apple’s mobile devices.

Prices for Xiomi’s Mi 5s and Mi 5s plus starts at $300 and $345 respectively and preordering of the phones will start on September 29 in China.



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