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Flappy Bird Creator Decided To Call It Quits

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Flappy Bird

The phenomenal game Flappy Bird which was somewhat labeled as the fusion of Super Mario and Angry Birds has certainly been taken out from the Apple App and Android Google Play Stores. Game addicts have not wasted the chance of keeping a copy for themselves, downloading the game on their gadgets just before Sunday afternoon of February 9. Now that it has come to pass, newbies would have no access to the game anymore, unless they would borrow someone else’s phone or tab. But with the massive succes of the game hit, what could have gotten into the game creator’s mind that he decided to put the game down for good?

Turning Down Flappy Bird Potential

Flappy Bird was literally making Dong Nguyen, the game creator, rich by $50,000 in ads earnings a day and statistics could even predict a higher success rate in the future, with more and more interested users trying to catch up with the trend. However, a recent tweet from his Twitter account last February 8 indicated that he was not planning to enjoy the game’s success for long, which put many of the game users on the verge of panic downloading. His statement tells the fact that he could not take it anymore, but made it clear that there were no legal issues impending.

Reasons Behind Quitting Flappy Bird

What he could not take still remains a cloudy area to conclude, but it could be pointed out that Dong Nguyen was not happy with the publicity that he has gained from the press and netizens. It could be credited to numerous bashes and criticisms about the game being too simple yet frustratingly hard to play. Also on his February 4 tweet, he emphasized that he never accounted the fact about people overrating his success as one that he can be proud of. But even with the early demise of the trendy game, Nguyen assured that he will still be making more games in the future. Let’s just hope that it gets better from then on.



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