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Snake Massage In Jakarta Indonesia Thrills Customers

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Snake Massage

Just when you thought spa treatment couldn’t get more exciting and “challenging” at the same time, there is a blooming reflexology service in Jakarta, Indonesia called as the “snake massage” where 2-meter pythons slither freely around the customer’s body, wrapping him in their cold and scaly figure. Of course, there would also be a masseuse cooperating with the reptiles but the latter is responsible for taking the massage session to another level of relaxation. If you are the adventurous type then you are in for a treat! But in case you are having second thoughts about trying the service or not, the following explanations may help you understand better how the snake massage treatment works.

How Snake Massage Works

There’s no reason to fear the snakes at all if you were thinking of their ferocious set of teeth because spa staff will bind their mouth in a tape. The masseuse will also see to it that the snakes will have to move around the customer’s body instead of just curling in one place. So these answer your particular queries about security and quality of service. In every session, the snakes will have to drape over the customer’s neck, crawl around his stomach and hiss their forked tongue out for an additional thrill. So instead of the typical masseuse hands pampering your tired muscles, these domesticated snakes will do the job for you, plus the added experience.

Every snake massage session lasts for 90 minutes and costs about $43 per customer. But before the session begins, the snakes are lathered with antiseptic right after they are taken out from their enclosures. And as much as customers enjoy the unique spa experience, snakes are taking a liking to their job, by being well compensated on a rabbit diet. It’s a win-win situation to both you and the snake.



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