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Pockie Pirates Guide: Classes and Crew

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Pockie Pirates allows a player to choose from four different classes to play. These are Navigator, Doctor, Swordsman and Sniper. Each has its own set of unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. If you are new to the game and you are confused on what class to choose then this guide can help you.


In Pockie Pirates, the swordsman class inflicts physical damage to a pirate mob. It has the highest physical defence among the four classes and its magical defence is   on par with that of a navigator. With its high health pool, it makes the swordsman the best tanker in the game.

At level 40, a swordsman class can learn the aptitude skill Endless Sky. This skill is similar to the navigator’s Fallen Star but inflicts 100% physical instead of magical damage plus additional damage. After using the skill, the character will be 90% immune to all damage types for 1 round. Please remember that only protagonists or your main character can learn this skill. Aptitude skills can be learned by resetting the default active skill and hope that as you rediscover your active skill, you get Endless Sky. Skill reset costs 50 gold and if you are lucky, you will only be spending that amount. Others got the skill after spending more than 500 gold while trying.

You can also recruit a swordsman as a crew from the bar. The swordsman crew can learn various active and passive skills which are also available for the main characters as long as its class is swordsman.


The sniper is the master of speed and is the highest physical damage dealer in the game. They, however, have the lowest magical defence and a bit better physical defence than the navigator. If you are planning to create a pure physical damage team then consider choosing a sniper for your main character.

At level 40, a sniper can learn the aptitude skill Shadow Pounce. This skill deals a massive amount of physical damage to random targets. The total number of hits done is 10.

You can also recruit a sniper as a crew from the bar. The sniper is a good damage dealer and can take out opponents fast with its excellent speed. Recommended skills for snipers are finger pistol for taking out a row and  concussion shot if you want to stun an opponent.


The doctor is the support class of the game. It can play various roles such as a healer, a buffer, a de-buffer or a magic damage dealer. They have a balance magical and physical defence and can serve as a tank if you get the right passive and active skills. They can take heavy damage and restore their life points every round. They can also boost the team’s overall speed with their passive aura.

At level 40, the doctor can learn the aptitude skill Holy Blessing. This skill greatly raises the physical and magical attacks of your crew for two rounds and is considered as deadly at high levels with all your crews having the best equipment.

Doctors can be recruited in the bar as part of your crew. The preferable active skills are group healing and emergency heal. It is a good idea to have a doctor early in the game to get three stars when dealing with pirate mobs.


The navigator is the fourth class available in the game. It is the highest magic damage dealer in the game and has the highest magical defence as well. They are vulnerable to physical attacks and has a very low health pool. Their power lies in their aptitude skill which deals heavy area of effect damage as well as the possibility of stunning the entire opponent’s group. They work best if you are trying to build an area of effect team to kill opponents in a way that is elegant.

At level 40, you will be able to get their aptitude skill Fallen Star. The star deals magical damage to all enemy crew members with a certain chance of stunning them. If you are lucky, you can stun the entire crew of your opponent. The damage dealt depends on the protagonist’s wisdom.

Navigators can also be recruited in the bar as part of your crew. The most preferred skills are fallen meteorite which is the weak version of fallen star and medusa’s eye if you want to have the capability of stunning an opponent’s crew.



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