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Welcome To Meegoh

Experience the comfort of collective web surfing. Now you can easily jump from topic to topic without even worrying where to find them. Things just keep getting better and better in every reading and sooner you will end up doubling your dose of information from your normal nomadic hunts.

Latest Posts

  • Iconic Marlboro Man Dies At 72, Cause Of Death Known To Be Smoking-Related

    The man behind Marlboro’s iconic success which transformed the company to one of the biggest in its industry has finally bid goodbye to his cowboy hat and the ashes of his last cigarette. Eric Lawson, commonly known as Marlboro Man, has shared a piece of the limelight with his rugged western rodeo commercials sharing a […]

  • 16-Year Old Denver High School Student Sets Himself On Fire

    Standley Lake High School, Denver – what was expected to be a normal morning school rush turned into a tragic incident when an unidentified 16-year old student set himself ablaze at the school cafeteria, 7:12 am, Monday. The student sustained several burns all over his body which is 80% badly burnt and severe to some […]

  • “GIF Of The Year Awards” Is The First Of Its Kind

    GIFs are the new bite-sized cookies of the internet. Sometimes, surfing the web could be a bore that people tend to see photos as vapid and videos too time-consuming, which at some point is quite paradoxical given the amount of time we waste just to have some fun searching for interesting things in the internet. […]

  • Get A Life, Go Out More Often

    Technolgy has introduced us many great things that have made us change so much over just a difference of decades. In the working industry for example, employment has taken another great reform that has enabled many people to earn money while even just sitting at the corners of their home. However, because of this revolutionary […]

  • Harmless Golden Jellyfish On A Lake In Palau Attracts Tourists

    One of the craziest things that I would do to complete my lifetime bucket list would be to go on an underwater swimming filled with jellyfish. Yes, as crazy as it may seem, being able to see and meet these squishy water parachutes is priceless. Forgive me for the twisted logic, but there’s something about […]

  • Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman’s Family Asks To Remove Her From Life Support

    Raising a matter of contention on moral and legal issues, a husband’s request for “euthanasia” to end the serious condition of his wife, Marlise Munoz, a brain dead patient who is barely making it through life support and is carrying a fetus inside her womb, has been gaining a lot of public attention. Erick Munoz, […]

  • World’s Oldest Known Individual Animal Dies At Age 507

    It may just be a typical clam as you can see, but this soft-bodied creature has achieved something impressive while living a solitary life inside its sturdy shells. Ming, an ocean quahog or hard clam, is said to be the oldest non-colonial animal to thrive in our planet. A group of scientists found the clam […]

  • Two College Freshmen Girls Discovered They Were Sisters

    While a lot of college freshmen look forward to meeting new faces and winning new friends as they hop down the car and carry their oversized luggage to their respective campus dormitories, a few of these youth are lucky enough to find something greater in store for them – a long lost childhood friend, a […]

  • Fetus Replica Made From 3D Printers Takes Parenthood To The Next Level

    Sometimes, parenthood can go to great extremes especially if it’s the couple’s debut to becoming a proud mom and dad. Typical soon-to-be parents become quite devoted to their child’s security and health which is normal given every parent’s instinct for childcare and nurturing. This kind of couple regularly goes to pre-natal check ups, installs the […]

  • Well Preserved Dog Burials Unearthed In Ancient Egypt

    Just when you think ancient Egypt couldn’t get any more mysterious and mind-boggling, geological finds and recent discoveries will relive your Egyptian fanaticism once more. Whether it’s a new pharaoh catacomb, an unknown Egyptian tool, a bizarre looking hieroglyph art, or a glimmering room of treasure, everyone knows that everything unearthed from ancient Egypt becomes […]