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Welcome To Meegoh

Experience the comfort of collective web surfing. Now you can easily jump from topic to topic without even worrying where to find them. Things just keep getting better and better in every reading and sooner you will end up doubling your dose of information from your normal nomadic hunts.

Latest Posts

  • Behold, A Real Wrecking Ball In Italy

    A terrifying photo of a wrecked farm in Northern Italy has been taking the trend online. What appeared to be a huge chunk of rock has rolled over the farmland and demolished a barn that it smashed on its way until it took a stop at another nearby stationary boulder that has been there for […]

  • 36-Pounder Cat Puts Animal Center Kennels To Shame

    This abnormally obese cat could be Garfield’s real-life copy and its name could perhaps define the very reason why this tom is hitting the trend online. Meatball is a feline from the shorthair species which weighs at an astonishing 36 pounds. His original owner from Phoenix did not have the slightest idea that his pet […]

  • Rising Death Rate In Russia Roots Down To Vodka

    As synonymous as they may seem, Russia and Vodka might be taking a big break from their bordering relationship as a recent study concludes that the rising mortality rate in Russia is mostly traced down to binge and frequent vodka consumption. The largest study that focuses on the effects of alcohol consumption (specifically Vodka) on […]

  • The Most Brutal Dish You Have Yet To Know

    Even the most seasoned fish meat lovers could end up losing their appetite for this dish that has been banned in many countries including the brave Australia and Germany. What could get more brutal for a fish than to have its flesh sliced off in criss-crosses with some portion taken out for presentation purposes? While […]

  • South Korean Woman Earns $9000 A Month Just By Eating Inside Her Own Apartment

    There are a quite a dozen jobs out there that could make you feel overloaded yet underpaid for your own type of work. There is that bed-tester occupation where the only thing you need to do to get paid is to lay down and sleep on new bed models and try to evaluate the level […]

  • Denver, Colorado County Fair Hosts First-Ever Marijuana Contest

    Colorado, the first state to have ever been labeled the “pot-able” zone, takes their experimental spirit a bar higher by bringing the recreational marijuana concept to their famous quirky county fair. After the celebration of the canabis policy which legalizes the consumption of marijuana, people from Denver,Colorado have not wasted time and effort in testing […]

  • Man Tricks Airport, Getting Free Meals And Drinks For 300 Days

    Clever has never been defined better than how a Chinese man managed to trick an airport by purchasing a first class-ticket just once and then scoring free meals and drinks at their VIP lounge. For almost a year (300 days to be exact), a man yet to be identified, risked his identity by executing a […]

  • New Surfboard Model Lets You Surf Even Without Waves

    Everybody knows how happily married surfboards are to waves. The more gigantic the waves become, the better are the surfboard’s swoops and loops above the tidal rips. However, not all relationships have the “happily ever after” ending, and much like how tragic Romeo and Juliet came to be, so is the sad reality about surfboards […]

  • Chinese Parents Sells All Three Of Their Kids To Support Online Gaming Obsession

    I do not contend the abomination that lies from the idea of abortion, however, the fact that parents could sell their own children, not one or two, but all three just for the sake of sustaining their insatiable computer addiction raises the worst parenthood scenario to the extreme. Meet Li Lin and Li Juan from […]

  • Mars One Project Applicants Are Ready To Leave Everything Behind

    What does it take to make a person leave everything behind, literally all the things he came to know for all the years he has spent on Earth, and fly away to the distant planetary neighbor, Mars, without turning back, giving not even the least of guilt or regret? If you think you have the […]