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Welcome To Meegoh

Experience the comfort of collective web surfing. Now you can easily jump from topic to topic without even worrying where to find them. Things just keep getting better and better in every reading and sooner you will end up doubling your dose of information from your normal nomadic hunts.

Latest Posts

  • Chicken Tombstone Requested by PETA Rep in Georgia

    On the edge of humanity’s attempt on taking its fair share of responsibility as the ultimate keeper of all other million species on earth, there has been one major story about a chicken tombstone that has blasted off the online “this just in” news trend. A representative from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals […]

  • Cockroaches Could be the Future Cybugs We Need

    There haven’t been much of a debate when it comes to the legion of horrors that cockroaches bring to every household. It takes a whole lot of courage to exterminate a single cockroach knowing how sensitive they are to movement from their surrounding. The worst case scenario in a cockroach situation would be finding yourself […]

  • Stranded Fisherman Survived a Year in the Pacific Ocean

    The Life of Pi was certainly a must-watch movie to date, giving credits to its amazing screenplay and mind-blowing story of survival which unfolds to a metaphorical conclusion. However, the story’s degree of quixotic adventure is challenged by a real life story that a stranded fisherman from El Salvador claims he has experienced – to […]

  • Generous Customer Tips 3 Waitresses $5,000 Each

    What would you do if a total stranger, a mere customer enjoying a seat in the diner, handed you over a gleaming check? Certainly, you would find it hard to grasp the unprecedented situation and would seize a pretty good ten seconds to finally recognize that it’s not just a prank then take the offer […]

  • Leech Therapy Saves Man’s Arm From Amputation

    When the thought of losing something so valuable becomes imminent, one does not simply give up without a fight. Naturally, we would all come up with the ultimate sacrifice just to save what we cannot live without. Such was the case of the 32-year old machine operator Sam Leon from DeKalb, Illinois when he accidentally got his […]

  • Facebook Celebrates A Decade Of Success Within 62 Seconds

    There is certainly no need for any birthday greeting application to know that it’s Facebook’s big day. As surreal as it is, what has just been a college student’s idea has grown into an iconic social media giant that had swept the whole world by storm. A decade of continued success cannot be just a […]

  • Pet Owner Acquires Bubonic Plague Not From A Rodent, But From His Cat

    What should have been a rescue mission for a cat choking out from its rodent meal turned into a crippling disease that struck a cat owner to a 27-day coma. Paul Gaylord, 59 and living in Oregon, thought that it was just a typical choke that most cats like his own experience. However, when he […]

  • Chip ‘n Dale The Rescue Rangers To Make A 3D Comeback

    True to what they say, classics never grow old, ever. And for those who have built their childhood memories on the 80’s in the bold and brave television cartoons, there’s the story of an adventure embarked by two detectives solving a gazillion cases for their animal friends. One thing’s for sure, they’re not Dora and […]

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Leads To The Hunger Games Dilemma

    Millions of fans worldwide are still on the brink of mass hysteria after the untimely death of the world-renowned, oscar-winning hollywood star Philip Seymour Hoffman. The 46-year old actor was found dead by a screenwriter in his apartment in New York, lying lifeless on his bathroom at 11:15 am with a needle in his arm, […]

  • A Boxer Literally Standing Dead On The Ring

    There are no words to describe what a family of a professional boxer from San Juan, Puerto Rico did that’s making his story unfold in the very trend online. For those who do not know, they only see a young boxer in front of them posing in a fighter stance inside a small boxing ring. […]