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Welcome To Meegoh

Experience the comfort of collective web surfing. Now you can easily jump from topic to topic without even worrying where to find them. Things just keep getting better and better in every reading and sooner you will end up doubling your dose of information from your normal nomadic hunts.

Latest Posts

  • Is Cheating On Exams A Sin Or Not?

    Nobody wants to cheat on exams, well who would? When getting caught could give a ground for temporary suspension or worse, expulsion from school, your teacher’s blabber of religious rhetoric, or your classmates’ all out horseplay attacks, there is nothing good in it except the very reward itself – the answers that will define your future.

  • The London 2012 Olympic Medal Unwrapped

    There are currently 302 medal events featured by the London 2012 Olympics with the Victory Ceremonies happening at different venues all over the UK. David Watkins, a renowned artist in the field of decorative arts, was the one charged with the overall form and concept of the medals that are produced at the Royal Mint headquarters in Llantrisant, South Wales.

  • The Aurora Shooting Spree As The Dark Knight Rises’ Downfall

    As the box office’s bedlam goes to a halt, comments regarding the trends in cinema sales finally came out. Holdover movies like Ted stayed at their spots over the weekend and ones with higher expected returns find themselves disappointed with the outcome of events. It has never come to anybody’s intuition that movie-goers would stay away from theaters for any better reason than watching the London 2012 Olympics at their homes.

  • Maximize Your Wi-Fi Capacity With These Easy-To-Do Steps

    Wi-Fi is perhaps one of the greatest boons cyber technology has to offer to mankind. However, the invention in itself could be the source of frustration and grudge whenever you’re vexed with unstable connection, sluggish download speed and bad reception. If you are on your efforts to make your Wi-Fi connection a reason to smile, then here are a number of steps that you may find helpful.

  • International Law Experts: China’s Claim Over West Philippine Sea To Have No Legal Merit

    Ginsburg, a teacher of International Law and Political Science at the University of Chicago Law School claimed that Beijing’s stand “does not have much merit from the point of view of the modern international law of the sea,” thereby trashing the claim to the anchors of history.

  • With Flying Colors – 48” x 57” Acrylic on Canvass

    Human beings are indubitably symbolic. We put meanings on almost every aspect of our life be it real or not, lifeless or animate, concrete or metaphysical. We take into account our experiences and learning and encrypt a fiber of the refined memory to an object of choice. Whatever the object is, most of the time, colors work with it to complete the symbolism process. Aside from the richness of hues bursting out from this artwork, what helps it get at the top of my list is its very title

  • Ming-Ming

    As part of the academic requirements of our Humanities 8 subject, we were tasked to make a reaction paper regarding the play “Ming-Ming,” a renowned and highly acclaimed stage drama of the Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG) of the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT). It has won prestigious awards and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Our expectations for the show were even raised as we took the ticket at the price of Php 100.

  • Making Soap Business Bubble

    Have you ever dreamed of opening your own soap business but don’t really know the means to start? Here’s a good way to level up your cash stash without being drawn too much on the well-worn routine: soap making. When online jobs and all other forms of social cocooning become too mainstream, soap making is a brilliant concept to generate money while giving your creative side a winning edge.

  • How Important Are Flagpole Lightings?

    The relevance of a flag cannot be overemphasized. This tiny piece of cloth tainted with elaborate figures and carefully chosen hues carry a certain patch of history. As it nimbles in the air, it retells a colorful story of a distant past, of courage and valor preserved and immortalized through the passage of time. Like a shroud worn with careful choice and best accord, a flag is created to reflect a significant idea, thought or emotion. Having been said, it carries with it the ideals and ambitions of the entity it symbolizes, may it be an organization, an industry, a science or a nation.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Quad

    Samsung has recently announced its plan to launch its new device, Galaxy Note 2 Quad, that combines the properties of a Smartphone and tablets and is the successor of the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone that has only 5.3-inch screen size.