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My College Story

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My College Story

I couldn’t help but wonder how
My life has changed from past to now
College years have come and gone
With battles fought and friendship won

I can’t rethink how I put up
A fight with all the hazy crap
Reports and quizzes make me see
My messy life’s a topsy-turvy

At times I’ve longed for high school days
When fun chased all my fears away
Exams are all but worry-free
Not like now, dread won’t leave me be

Eye bags pop from lack of sleep
Flapping out like a bulldog’s cheek
Breakfast shake hands with my lunch
Nothing’s cheaper than a brunch!

I wouldn’t care if you wouldn’t dare
To bust your butt out of a chair
For four straight hours to read or so
Without a choice, you can’t say no

Professors blow your brains away
With problems that are sure to stay
In the deepest corner of your mind
You’ll end up asking why life’sunkind.

Amidst all these, I always end
With a thought of awe and self amends
My college life is more than fear,
Struggles, hex, and countless tears

People of same age as you
Share you love and gaiety too
Laugh out loud to let you know
They’re always there and won’t let go

I couldn’t help but wonder how
My life has changed from past to now
I sure have lived this life He made me
And out I’ll share my college story.

by Larry Pactol



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