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Zombie Apocalypse Classes Offered in Michigan College

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Zombie Apocalypse

The humorous remark about colleges being filled with hordes of zombies during exam weeks has become quite a cliche that the concept of Walking Dead can be well entertained around university halls and college parks. However, in one Michigan College, there is a real crash course for students who are digging into the zombie apocalypse theory. If you think this is just some sort of gimmick, think again.

Connecting the Dots

Students from Central Michigan University are receiving a regular dose of apocalyptic knowledge thanks to their religion course which transcends from the discussion of biblical texts and theological concepts to pop culture including zombie apocalypse. For Kelly Murphy, the teacher-in-charge who specializes in philosophy and religion, her class “From Revelation to the Walking Dead” adds a spoonful of current ideologies that people are worrying about while keeping in touch with what biblical texts and similar literature have to offer. In this manner, students will be prepared for what they think is inevitable and could perhaps delve deeper into what the ancient biblical texts have to tell.

Zombie Apocalypse Course As Training Ground

Murphy’s class will tackle religious concepts most particularly The Book of Revelation along with reviews on famous belief-stirring novels. Her students will also have the chance of enjoying classroom film showing with movies like 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead. Of course, the dynamic teacher is not forgetting the plan of winning over her students’ hearts to one of her favorite show, The Walking Dead. For her, entertaining such ideas and assumptions will open another avenue for today’s generation to strengthen their belief and hopes for what the future holds for them. Undoubtedly, there is no better alternative to a lively learning process than including zombie apocalypse stuff in it.



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