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Lykoi Cat Is The Werewolf That Meows

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Lykoi Cat

If the myths about lycanthropy were true, then those silver-eyed creatures who walk under moonlit nights might have been bewitched and trapped in the form of our feline snuggle-buddy called the Lykoi cat. Perhaps you might think of this as another typical physiological abnormality that happens in cats but these cuddly wolverines meow like every healthy cat does.

The Lykoi a.k.a. Werewolf Cat is literally one that resembles the hair features of a werewolf we all see in movies. They are a product of a natural gene mutation in the shorthair breed which gives its remarkable hair pattern – none around the eyes, nose, ears and mouth but the rest of the body are patched in a coat. The first generation of Lykoi Cat came from two different mothers and were first suspected to be a possible Sphynx mutation which occurs naturally. However, on further evaluation and DNA testing, it was found out to be an entirely new breed that has not been documented yet.

Saving the Lykoi Cat Genes

Currently, a breeding program has been set out to raise more healthy Werewolf Cats, odding out anomalous genes and traits while preserving the significant features in the process. Fortunately, the new breed has passed the recognition standards of The International Cat Association and is hoped to be given a worthy place in the cat family.

Where do you think Lykoi cats belong on the cuteness and cudliness meter? If you think those signature wolverine facial features aren’t enough to make you consider having one of these for your own, you must be having a wolverine-phobia of some sort or are just not that hyped to be a cat owner. And because the Lykoi cat is a delicate breed, owning one would be relatively expensive due to high maintenance.



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