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How To Save Yourself From Computer Addiction

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How To Save Yourself From Computer Addiction

Without a doubt, computers have become a major asset in this modern society. Not everyone has it but everyone wants access to it. We can’t deny the fact that computers are indispensable for work, communication and leisure. However, it is also true that most people use computers wasting a day of their lives playing games or surfing the web. And if you’re having trouble taking your hands off the mouse and keyboard, then the worst news is up for you buddy, you’ve become a computer addict.

Computer addiction is a mental disorder that makes people want to use a computer device excessively making them lose track of time. Due to this psychological behavior, a person tends to compromise all other things important to him including communication with his love ones, work, schooling, and health. They tend to become more aggressive as the habit is reinforced, and if not stopped, may direly lose their reasoning ability.

As alarming as it sounds, computer addiction is still a milder form of obsession compared to smoke and drug addiction.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Limit your time in playing games or surfing the net. Have a break every once in a while. One may not notice but if you’re on a gaming spree it is hard to stop.
  • Hang out with your family and friends from time to time. Spending some time with the ones special to you strengthens the bond you have with them. Plus it keeps your mind off the game and other things of the virtual world.
  • Avoid playing games which require a lot of time like MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). There are games which require money and much more time. And once you give in, it’s hard to go back.

Don’t limit yourselves with those tips that I wrote. Different people sometimes require different ways to stop their addiction. But always remember, the best cure to all illnesses is prevention.



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