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Gigantic Snowball Rolls Over A College Dormitory

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Gigantic Snowball

You might think of snow as a limitless source of fun and indeed you are not wrong with that matter. People naturally love the gigantic snowball and barrage fights even the classic snowman building frolics. However, accidents too, would want to join in the fun, and unlucky fun lovers would sometimes find themselves in a dangerous situation.
Such was the case of two math majors at Reed College, Oregon, when they lost control of a gigantic snowball that came crashing through a dormitory bedroom wall.

Gigantic Snowball Smashed The Fun to Pieces

It was only a gimmick which all the college crowd agreed, and when the two math majors heard the loud cheers, they couldn’t help themselves but to make the gigantic  snowball even larger as they pushed it through the sidewalk. However, they didn’t expect to lose control of the now boulder-sized snowball, and it inevitably rolled over about 15 yards away to a nearby dorm in a loud smash by a bedroom wall. Three residents checked on the collision and found the damage estimated to be about $2,000 to $3,000. It was really a huge one, weighing as much as 800 pounds as attested by the maintenance worker who wedged the gigantic snowball to pieces.

College spokesperson Kevin Myers pointed out that the two math majors took responsibility and reported what has happened to the school authority, which, as a result, saved them from facing disciplinary measures. Both students were remained unnamed to protect their identity, as they showed no real intention with regards the accident. This is a matter of safety warning to all those who plan to make the most of their Christmas celebration, especially those that still think playing with snowballs and stuff is more fun than shopping for Amazon items online.



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