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Fake Burger King Fastfood Branch Outraged Customers

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Fake Burger King

Perhaps there’s no other worse possible way to upset a hungry stomach than serving food that could send your palate rolling in frustration and unfortunately, for customers at South Side, Pittsburgh, the experience was not one that they can easily brush their shoulders off in the case of a fake Burger King joint. In their delight, they went inside a burger joint with a Burger King trademark right in front of the diner with employees wearing the recognizable Burger King uniforms and a drive through that offers BK menu. They were expecting to satisfy their BK cravings only to find out that the establishment was apparently not a real BK franchise.

The Fake Burger King Disaster

Montanya Crosby, one of the unlucky diners of the said fake Burger King joint, was surprised to see the burger she ordered packed in a generic and unbranded brown paper bag. And when she took a munch to check on her burger, she knew it was not the flavor her palate has gotten used to. Not only did the burger look like too typical, the fries too, were poorly served on Dixie cups. That was the time she raised a question about the establishment’s identity and she was not wrong at all. On social media sites, several other outraged customers have shared their similar discontent to the certain establishment, tracing back the issue since January this year.

Justifying the establishment’s cause, the assistant manager of the said diner explained that the business was a former Burger King franchisee but decided to transition into a local diner in the name South Side Burgers, as what has been printed out in their current receipts. However, it was pointed out by the Burger King Media Team that they are planning to set up a new franchise in the same location. So it turns out that the Fake Burger King store is only using the signage which hasn’t been replaced yet with the new name.



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