Dumb Starbucks’ Waiting Line Ended With A Notice Of Closure

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Dumb Starbucks' Waiting Line Ended With A Notice Of Closure

The parody business Dumb Starbucks was cut short of glory after Los Angeles health officials decided to put its operation down for failing to comply with the public health permit requirement. The said spoof shop went trending over the past few weeks, as it suddenly popped out of nowhere and started to attract customers who were seen waiting in lines for hours just to grab a free dumb coffee for themselves. Later on, Nathan Fielder, a TV personality known for his Comedy Central prank show, stepped up and claimed he was the business’ owner who emphasized the fact that Dumb Starbucks is a legal venture that is protected by the US Parody Law.

Dumb Starbucks on Trademark Protection and Legalities

Dumb Starbucks Faq

Taking Starbucks’ Side of the Issue

Taking the coffee giant’s side of the issue, Starbucks has pointed out that in no way is Dumb Starbucks affiliated to them and that while they appreciate the store’s humor, they cannot let Mr. Fielder use their protected trademark. Dumb Starbucks is basically using the same famous brand logo, with the two-tailed mermaid and the Starbucks Coffee around it, but with an extra word Dumb at the beginning.

One thing’s for sure though, and that is Mr. Fielder’s commitment to pursue his business idea regardless how many times it will be put down. Even with a notice of closure posted on the shop’s door, Mr. Fielder has already set his goal of opening a new one in Brooklyn, New York. (An update on this statement reveals that a branch installment is never going to happen).

A lot of people reacted very positively to this intriguing parody store, and have even posted them on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The store’s FAQ printout impressed the customers informing them about the Parody (Fair Use) Law that protects establishments such as Dumb Starbucks.



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