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Climbing Crocodiles First Documented By Researchers

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Climbing Crocodiles

Quite a bad news for all hunters and jungle explorers is the new discovery of crocodiles being able to climb atop trees. Now you won’t just have to check out the waters when you enter a crocodile territory, but might as well look up to reveal these lurking reptiles. Researchers from University of Tennessee have disclosed the fact that even without the physical features most climbing animals have, climbing crocodiles were sighted to reach as high as six feet above the ground, even to a striking height of 30 feet according to some reports.

Do Climbing Crocodiles Signify Evolutionary Success?

Vladimir Dinets, one of the researchers, was amazed how these climbing crocodiles were able to do something not predictable from their appearance, knowing that they don’t have the suited climbing structures. Conclusively, they have observed that smaller crocodiles were the frequent climbers, which can be reasoned out with their incredible agility.

The research findings were in included in January Herpetology Notes with help from similar researchers, Adam Britton (Charles Darwin University) and Matthew Shirley (University of Florida). Their reports indicated that crocodiles habitually climb to higher ground in order to extend their vision both for escaping from predators and hunting for preys. Aside from that, they also get the heat they need to keep their body temperature at homeostasis.

It may be a clear indication that crocodiles, among other species of reptiles, are the front-runners in the aspect of evolutionary progress. When you see an uncommon behavior being showed by a certain species, it’s either a pre-existing feature which science hasn’t made a record yet or that it’s a newly emergent product of evolution. And being alpha predators in most food chains normally don’t trigger changes this big, unless there are disruptions in the process that call for drastic actions, including the rise of predatory competition and scarcity of food source.



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