Bacon Fest In Atlantic City Will Make You Wish You’re There

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Forgive me for juicing up your gastronomic propensity, but this certain casino in Atlantic City could be the bon appetit of a lifetime for all bacon lovers out there. Certainly, a place where everything served is made of bacon can be a heaven on earth for those who think pork fat is just as vital as living. Literally an all-bacon week-long party, every dish in Tropicana Casino and Resort‘s menu has a common addictive flavor that keep patrons stuck in their guilty pleasure.

All That Bacon Goodness

There is a banquet of bacon-inspired dishes served at the party, including pastas, desserts, drinks, and appetizers. Aside from the usual one-pounder burger, the business has tried reinventing the ingredient and infusing it in other stuff to add an extra element of fun. Crowds could not take their eyes off the unusual bacon-made grooming products such as lip balm, toothpaste and dental floss.

In America, majority of people consume this scrumptious morsel as much as 1.5 billion pounds annually, with about 30 similar festivals held just from April to December stretch of 2013 alone. But what makes this “pigging out” festivity one of a kind is that it showcases Americans’ degree of fondness for these tiny strips of heaven, even blending it with far-fetched ideas that are surely worth the try.

There are specific explanations as to why this piece of treated meat is irresistible to most taste buds, one of which is its high Glutamic Acid content, a compound responsible for giving food that “Umami” flavor. Its versatility in food pairings also makes it a good source of food ideas and new kitchen recipes. It is also widely incorporated as a food flavor in other grocery items such as chips and other junk foods. What would you do if there’s this same party happening in your locality?



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