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Welcome To Meegoh

Experience the comfort of collective web surfing. Now you can easily jump from topic to topic without even worrying where to find them. Things just keep getting better and better in every reading and sooner you will end up doubling your dose of information from your normal nomadic hunts.

Latest Posts

  • Xiaomi Mi 5S Introduces New Fingerprint Technology Ahead of iPhone 8

    Despite rumors suggesting Apple’s plan of integrating a fingerprint reader in its upcoming iPhone 8, Xiaomi steals the opportunity of being the first to deploy a similar feature as they unveil their new phone model Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus on Tuesday, September 27.  Many people expect iPhone8 to include such feature as Apple […]

  • Climbing Crocodiles First Documented By Researchers

    Quite a bad news for all hunters and jungle explorers is the new discovery of crocodiles being able to climb atop trees. Now you won’t just have to check out the waters when you enter a crocodile territory, but might as well look up to reveal these lurking reptiles. Researchers from University of Tennessee have disclosed […]

  • Gigantic Snowball Rolls Over A College Dormitory

    You might think of snow as a limitless source of fun and indeed you are not wrong with that matter. People naturally love the gigantic snowball and barrage fights even the classic snowman building frolics. However, accidents too, would want to join in the fun, and unlucky fun lovers would sometimes find themselves in a […]

  • Dumb Starbucks’ Waiting Line Ended With A Notice Of Closure

    The parody business Dumb Starbucks was cut short of glory after Los Angeles health officials decided to put its operation down for failing to comply with the public health permit requirement. The said spoof shop went trending over the past few weeks, as it suddenly popped out of nowhere and started to attract customers who […]

  • Bacon Fest In Atlantic City Will Make You Wish You’re There

    Forgive me for juicing up your gastronomic propensity, but this certain casino in Atlantic City could be the bon appetit of a lifetime for all bacon lovers out there. Certainly, a place where everything served is made of bacon can be a heaven on earth for those who think pork fat is just as vital […]

  • Zombie Apocalypse Classes Offered in Michigan College

    The humorous remark about colleges being filled with hordes of zombies during exam weeks has become quite a cliche that the concept of Walking Dead can be well entertained around university halls and college parks. However, in one Michigan College, there is a real crash course for students who are digging into the zombie apocalypse […]

  • Lykoi Cat Is The Werewolf That Meows

    If the myths about lycanthropy were true, then those silver-eyed creatures who walk under moonlit nights might have been bewitched and trapped in the form of our feline snuggle-buddy called the Lykoi cat. Perhaps you might think of this as another typical physiological abnormality that happens in cats but these cuddly wolverines meow like every […]

  • Snake Massage In Jakarta Indonesia Thrills Customers

    Just when you thought spa treatment couldn’t get more exciting and “challenging” at the same time, there is a blooming reflexology service in Jakarta, Indonesia called as the “snake massage” where 2-meter pythons slither freely around the customer’s body, wrapping him in their cold and scaly figure. Of course, there would also be a masseuse cooperating […]

  • Flappy Bird Creator Decided To Call It Quits

    The phenomenal game Flappy Bird which was somewhat labeled as the fusion of Super Mario and Angry Birds has certainly been taken out from the Apple App and Android Google Play Stores. Game addicts have not wasted the chance of keeping a copy for themselves, downloading the game on their gadgets just before Sunday afternoon […]

  • Fake Burger King Fastfood Branch Outraged Customers

    Perhaps there’s no other worse possible way to upset a hungry stomach than serving food that could send your palate rolling in frustration and unfortunately, for customers at South Side, Pittsburgh, the experience was not one that they can easily brush their shoulders off in the case of a fake Burger King joint. In their delight, they […]